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The Benefits of a Good Massage

I went to see a massage therapist last week. I’ve been experiencing a lot of tightness in my calves, and while I have tried rolling them out myself with both my foam roller and my stick, it has reached the … Continue reading

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Feeling Sick and Taking it Easy

So Monday night at work, my throat started to feel a little scratchy. Uh-oh. Almost everyone I know (and I mean everyone… all my kids, almost all my co-workers…) have been fighting a nasty cold/flu virus that has been going … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – August 20, 2011

I’m not even going to make excuses – I skipped several workouts this week to finish a wedding present for a friend. My choice, my decision, and since I currently have no race that I’m training for, it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Running

So as I posted last week, my doctor gave me the OK to start running again this week – 1 mile at a time. Tuesday, after a 10 mile bike, I did a 1 mile treadmill brick run. And you … Continue reading

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Ankle Update – Running Again… Soon

I saw my doctor yesterday before work. It was a good news/bad news visit. Good news? The radiologist confirmed no stress fracture on my x-ray. The two weeks of rest seems to have helped the injury as well. Bad news? … Continue reading

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