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Rest, Nutrition, and Fighting Depression

I haven’t worked out in more than 7 days – I believe today makes Day 9, actually. No energy, no motivation, no desire, and a full blown case of exhaustion. As part of my pre-appointment questionnaire with my new Naturopath, … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Good Massage

I went to see a massage therapist last week. I’ve been experiencing a lot of tightness in my calves, and while I have tried rolling them out myself with both my foam roller and my stick, it has reached the … Continue reading

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Feeling Sick and Taking it Easy

So Monday night at work, my throat started to feel a little scratchy. Uh-oh. Almost everyone I know (and I mean everyone… all my kids, almost all my co-workers…) have been fighting a nasty cold/flu virus that has been going … Continue reading

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Best 7.0 Miles in Months!

So yesterday I had a 7.0 mile run scheduled (and weights, and a swimming lesson… busy day!). I woke up at noon (I’d work nights the night before, no I don’t normally sleep until noon!!), did a few things around … Continue reading

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Sleep Cycles, Shift Work and Training

I work shift work. Shift work can screw up your sleep cycles pretty badly. Add in crazy training, and kids, and life… well, it gets a little crazy. When I work day shifts, I work a 10 hour day. We … Continue reading

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