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How Do You Track Your Workouts?

I know I don’t have a ton of regular readers, but I’m hoping to find some inspiration from the ones I have! I had a terrible workout yesterday – my legs were heavy from the first pedal stroke, the wind … Continue reading

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RFSC Week 8 Mini Challenge – Finding Focus

Last week I missed the mid-week challenge – it was a busy week. It was a good mini challenge – to refocus on your goals for the challenge (or one particular goal) and set up a plan to carry those … Continue reading

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Ready For Summer Challenge – Goal Setting

I am participating in the Ready for Summer Challenge put on by Maren and Sarah – check out their blogs, these are two talented, supportive women! OK, for the Summer Challenge there are 4 categories to set goals for. 1. … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – March 10, 2012

It’s been a decent week. I worked nights, but still managed to get all but one of my workouts in – I missed one swim workout. But… I did do two kettle bell workouts! (Short ones, but I did them). … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – March 3, 2012

Sometimes life happens. This week I’ve been exceptionally tired… and I’ve been listening to my body. I’ve gone to bed earlier than normal almost every night, and skipped my early morning workouts almost every day too. Good news? I’m fairly … Continue reading

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