Taking on a Second Gig to Pay for Triathlon

Like I don’t already have enough other things going on in my world…

Before we knew Bruce was sick, we had agreed that we would both look for a part time job to help fund our addiction, to help pay for our next Ironman, race fees, travel costs, etc. I had applied a few places, even had an interview at Starbucks (I didn’t get the job, which was disappointing, I think it would be fun to work there!). Then I got a call to go do some in-store product marketing. The work is only on weekends, shifts are 6 hours long, the pay is decent.

I’ve already worked three shifts, and have 4 more scheduled. The work is a little casual – some weekends I will work 2 days, some 1, some not at all. Part of me is a little freaked out – I already have so much going on, and with my sleep issues I’m pretty beat, but banking a little extra cash became even more important since Bruce got sick – cancer treatments are covered by our medical insurance, but things like parking, travel, extra dental work, some prescription drugs, and even time off work are not all covered (more on that in another post). So now we have a bunch of extra costs on top of our desire to bank money for next triathlon season.

All of this, of course, is assuming Bruce’s treatments do what they are supposed to do, and he is able to start training again by February. If he isn’t able to start training by February or March, our whole season may be in jeopardy. Well, I guess only his – he’s made it clear that I am to continue on our planned path with or without him joining me. (He actually volunteered to shepa for me if he is unable to race…. something he just refuses to do!)

So in the end, I’m hoping that before triathlon season starts in earnest (beginning of April) I will have earned close to $2,000 towards our costs. Even after additional taxes, it should be almost enough to pay for bike cases, or plane tickets, or some of our hotel costs. Not enough to pay for the whole shot by any means, but a decent dent in the trip.

Now I just have to juggle it all!

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  1. PlumPetals says:

    That’s a lot of work and planning to take on, but I hope that it all works out in the end and you both have great race experiences.

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