The Two Week Challenge Wrap Up

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 39 today… and going to celebrate with a nice long run, Chinese food, and cake. 🙂

Before that, though, let’s wrap up the two week challenge!

So two weeks ago, Ryan at No More Bacon challenged his readers to give up their “trigger” food – one food that causes you to slide into the depths of depraved eating, mindlessly consuming far more calories and quantities than any human being should. I have issues with many foods – different foods trigger me on different days, so I chose “junk food” in general. In truth, my biggest trigger food is probably cake. When I make a cake for my family, I eat the batter raw (yes, gross, I know), and lots of it, before it even goes in the oven. Then, while I rarely have a full piece, I eat little bites… lots of them. And if there is a store bought, sugar coated cake around, look out – a few weeks ago I had four (five?) pieces in one evening! Ugh.

In giving up “junk food”, my deal with myself was, I could still eat my homemade granola (satisfying any sweet craving I might have), and raw nuts (not salted). All fruits, veggies, etc were good too, as was yogurt.

So what did I find? Well, vanilla yogurt with frozen berries and a little granola on top is almost as good as ice cream! That became my go-to evening snack, leaving me very satisfied with no guilt. Having junk food in the house wasn’t a temptation – I had three or four different types of chocolates, didn’t eat one. I didn’t bake cakes or cookies, so there was no temptation there. I did bake a batch of muffins, and nibbled on about 1 tbsp of batter – not too bad, and I was easily able to stop. However, peanut butter and honey did become replacement foods for some of the junky snacks I would have eaten otherwise, which tells me that really, any food can be a trigger food if you let it!

My husband and I purposely chose to eat out once, at a sub sandwich shop, as opposed to impulsive stops for fast food, so that was cut down. I did allow myself 1 small Pepsi slurpee on the day of my long run. Although truly a “junk food”, it has never been a trigger food for me, so that was one intentional cheat. I also had popcorn twice, and although it is a somewhat healthier option, I wasn’t sure if this was cheating or not.

In the end, I found that by cutting out the junk, I was eating even more fruit than usual (and I already eat a fair bit), and was having an easier time staying within my target calorie window. Although I consider the whole two week experiment a success, I did come to a few conclusions. Similar to my vegetarian experiment, I have concluded that although I *could* live without junk food, I really don’t want to. While reducing my consumption of it is now a target goal of mine, I will add back a few treats – like ice cream once a week or so. It would probably be really smart of me to not to bake a cake real often, or buy one… ever, lol! Cookie dough is another weakness, but once they are baked, I leave them for my kids, so that’s not so bad. 😉

I’m going to work on keeping the crap out of my body, and try to only eat treats when I really want them, and they are “worth” the caloric cost. That said…. it’s my birthday, and dinner tonight is Chinese takeout and an ice cream cake, worth every bite.

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