This Week’s Link Round Up

This week has been a challenge – not enough sleep, a job interview that was freaking me out, and generally just feeling like I don’t have enough time to get things done…

While wandering around the web this week, I found all kinds of entertaining, touching, and motivating bits. Hope you enjoy!

Mac at GFS has been writing some really profound posts lately that speak to me and my fitness journey – this week’s post talks about fear. The fear of gaining back all the weight lost, losing our progress, and returning to being THAT person again. Deep thoughts!

Mac gets a double mention this week (I did say he was being profound!), as his post on emotional eating really struck a chord with me too.

Over at No More Bacon, Ryan stole my post. OK, not quite, but I have been working on a post for two weeks about being vegetarian, and his post covers a lot of the same ground! But it is well written, well thought out, and hey – I love the NoMo blog!

Cancer sucks. Finding out you have it when you live a healthy lifestyle has to really suck. Susan at No Meat shares the story of a close friend of hers, and it is an inspiration to all of us to keep fighting!

Finally, A Healthy Dad talks about lessons learned from being injured, and gives some pointers to help avoid it happening to you – great advice here!

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