Thursday Musings

Life has been a little hectic around here lately. My work schedule has been all over the map since June; the kids don’t go back to school until September 7; and between training, racing, and injuries, there’s always something going on! As well, two friends are getting married this summer, and I’ve been busy making gifts for them.

So yesterday I took a little blogging break, and today’s post is going to be a bit different. When I first started tis blog, the intent was to document my training, and talk about things I’d read, learned, and experienced while taking up triathlon. It was to hold me accountable, and to have some fun. But at the same time, I tried to model it after some of my (then) favourite blogs, like The Simple Dollar and Cheap, Healthy Good that had posting schedules and articles with focus at the center of their style.

Then I started reading blogs like Healthy Tipping Point, All the Weigh, and Lauren’s Tri Blog, as well as many other triathlon and fitness/healthy living blogs. I liked their more conversational style, and the reduced pressure to follow a posting schedule… I could post about what I wanted, when I wanted!

Well, right now I want to think about where I go from here. Yesterday I saw my sports medicine specialist again, and got a clean bill of health. My ankle is better. So now I get to start slowly building my mileage again to prepare for the Disney Marathon in January. Building a training plan is a big part of that.

The triathlon season is over in Manitoba, which is sad, but Bruce and I ended on a high note, and are already planning for next year. We are going to join a triathlon club, to benefit from the group experience, plus to get some coaching (especially swim coaching!). Bruce is still running the Queen City Marathon in Regina, and sine I’m going with him but can’t run, I’m going to volunteer! I think that will be a blast.

I’m still going to spend a lot of time focused on tri-related things, but I’m also going to write about anything else that strikes my fancy. I currently have posts planned about a couple of terrific local retailers, our disappointment with the 2011 Manitoba Marathon, and some truly motivational reading. However, I’m also going to spend a little more time just posting about how training is going, how I’m feeling, and what’s going on. Once in a while, I’ll miss a post simply because life happens, and living it is often more fun than documenting it!

So here’s to a little less structure, a little more blog freedom, and living (and loving!) life!

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2 Responses to Thursday Musings

  1. PlumPetals says:

    I hope to one day train for a triathlon … too much on my plate at the moment to really go through it now, but I will one day. Looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂

    • Kris says:

      I decided to train because as much as I love running, I was ready for something more – I’m glad I did! But I totally understand having too much on your plate – last year for me it was school, I could barely find time to run 3X a week!

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