Trying New Things

I’m finding by the end of each week, I’m too tired to complete my scheduled workouts, and I’m taking unscheduled rest days. I’m also not losing any weight, even though I’m not eating my recommended calories daily (most days) and I’m working out harder than ever. So in an attempt to figure things out, I’m mixing things up a little.

For starters, I’m scaling back training a little. Because my first priority this year is the Manitoba Marathon in June, I’m committed to my runs. In an effort to not burn out or injure myself, I’ve looked at my training plan and started taking out a few of the bike and swim pieces. I want to try to swim and bike twice a week (the swims have taken a hit lately, night shifts and lane swims apparently don’t mix well). I’m running better than I ever have, and my speed and distance have been increasing well, I’m hoping I can maintain that success.

At the same time, I’m making a real effort to actually hit my calorie requirements daily, rather than skimping to ensure I don’t gain weight. The fact is, I’d still like to drop an additional 10 pounds of body fat, but I’d rather run strong and healthy at my current weight, and feel better too. So if this is my ideal training weight, then this is where I’ll stay. Who knows? Maybe I’ll lose anyway.

I’m also trying to look at my schedule and work in weigh training once a week, and ideally I’d like to add in one trip to hot yoga as well – once a week if possible, once every two weeks at a minimum. I’m feeling tight and sore in my legs – my hamstrings and quads are definitely very tight. I know I need to stretch more, and I know hot yoga will help a lot.

The only other issue I’m struggling with is sleep – I actually took a sleeping pill one night last week and had my first solid night sleep in weeks – every night, I wake up several times a night, and I rarely wake feeling truly rested. I hate taking pills to help me sleep, though, so I’m trying to find alternate ways to help with this. I know a lot of it has to do with my rotating shift work schedule, and external stressors are influencing my sleeping patterns as well. You’d think with all the exercise, I’d be sleeping like a log…. I’m definitely spending more hours in bed than I used to – five hours used to be my average, and I’m getting closer to seven now! So that is progress. But I’d love to sleep through the night.

So I’m trying out these changes for a few weeks. I’m not going to let myself get upset if I gain a couple of pounds at first, or don’t see big improvements right away. I’ll continue posting updates every Sunday, and do an assessment in about 3 weeks. Fingers crossed….

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