Two Weeks Later – Good News, Bad News

It’s been a busy two+ weeks. On October 31, Bruce was hospitalized as part if his ongoing cancer battle. He’d lost 10+ pounds in 10 days and was unable to eat; considering his normal weight is 135 pounds, 10 pounds was too much, and the doctors agreed he needed a feeding tube. After two attempts, they finally got the tube inserted on Tuesday, November 5, and began feeding him on November 7 – yes, a full week later. There were lots of reasons for the delay, but at least it was in and working. He was finally released on November 12. He’s back home and doing well, and only has five radiation treatments left to go through. He will be done on November 22.

I had a very busy two weeks while he was in the hospital, handling a ton of stuff at work, and balancing spending as much time as possible with him with keeping life “normal” on the home front. (Well, whatever our version of normal has become!). I could have used this as an excuse to eat a ton of takeout, to pig out on leftover Halloween candy, to quit working out. I could have done a lot of things!

Instead, I pushed myself to try to get in a few good workouts, knowing I would feel better if I moved. I took almost all our leftover candy to work where our team, who do heavy physical labour for a living, made short work of it, eliminating temptation for me. I cooked almost every night, and the nights I didn’t I defrosted healthy leftovers or made soup, rather than going for a burger or for pizza. I managed to lose about a pound over these two weeks, which I’m very proud of.

Finally, as of this past week, I have made arrangements with one of my swim coaches to be my triathlon coach for next year’s season, including all my Ironman training. She’s giving me a discounted rate, because I’m her guinea pig – she normally coaches kids, and wants to break into adult coaching, and she’s never coached an Iron distance before. I’m good with that because she’ll give me good structure, and I like her – and I know I’d have problems working with someone I didn’t like.

So! Busy couple of weeks, but we move forward with a positive attitude and work towards ending the year on a high note!

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  1. Carina says:

    Oh my, so sorry to hear about Bruce, but glad it seems to have fixed the issue and that the end is in sight. Sending positive thoughts your way — good job on staying anchored through such turbulence.

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