Unemployed, and Better For It

So in my last post, I vented about my crazy work situation – I lasted 2 more days. On April 24th, I quit my job. I’ve been unemployed for two weeks now. I have been actively looking, I’ve had one telephone interview, but nothing has materialized so far. Am I stressed? You bet. But I’m actually less stressed than I was before I quit – in the end, it’s just money, and we have enough banked to get by for a few months without making significant changes to our life. After that? Well, I should be working by then, and if not, we’ll cross that bridge then. We have a plan. We’ll figure it out.

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So what have I been doing for two weeks? Aside from applying for jobs daily, last week I logged several good, long bike sessions on the indoor trainer, and ran my first half marathon of the season. Boy, was that hard – I was so undertrained! Our weather has been so crappy that the longest outside run I’d done was 6 miles; the longest run I’d done since March 29th (16 miles on the treadmill) was only 6 miles! In fact, for all of April, I only ran a total of 30 miles. April sucked.

We mutually decided that running the Fargo Marathon on May 18th would be a terrible idea both because we are undertrained, and because with me not working, it made no sense to spend at least $500 (hotels and meals for 4 people) to run a marathon we knew we weren’t ready for. The Manitoba Marathon is 6 weeks away; we will run it instead. (My prior experience makes me really not want to do this, but it is the only local marathon, and the only one we can make work before Mont Tremblant).

As for Mont Tremblant… well. This business of me not working makes our doing this race very questionable. The longer I am out of work, the less likely we are to do this race. I figure we will need around $3,500 for travel, meals, etc. Maybe a little less, but as the hotel room in Mont Tremblant alone is almost $1,400 for 6 nights, I can’t see it being any less. Aside from which, if I have accepted a new role, I would also have to negotiate to have two weeks off in August. But if things work out, we could still do it. IF we don;t put the training hours in, there is no way. But it’s hard to stay motivated when it is so unlikely we will be able to do the race! Ugly Catch-22.

I’m trying to stay motivated using the rationale that even if we don’t do MT, we will be well trained for a fall half Ironman, or we’ll be totally ready to crush a race next year. It’s still tough to stay motivated though.

Other than that, I’m cooking a lot, cleaning and organizing my house, brushing up on my Excel skills… and trying to figure out what’s next. For everyone still following me…. thanks for your support. It’s helped me through a tough time. :)

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3 Responses to Unemployed, and Better For It

  1. Carina says:

    Sounds like you made the right decision for your sanity, though I can imagine stress will build gradually. You’re doing all the right things though, it sounds, so just keep at it and before you know it, I believe it will all work out. Best of luck, sending positive thoughts your way from the Big D.

  2. PlumPetals says:

    I’m glad that you’re taking things in stride; good luck with your job hunt.
    Have you established a proper training plan for your upcoming races? Hopefully that will help you get back into the groove of things.
    Nice to hear from you after such a long time! You’ve been missed! :)

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