Weekend Link Round Up!

Another week has passed – time flies! This week I found some really great stories from other bloggers, hope you enjoy them!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point posted a great post about Self Doubt, and finding ways to conquer it. Considering my post on the mental aspect of training, this was a post I could relate to. Finding ways to beat back our inner demons is the best way to succeed!

Matt at No Meat Athlete had a terrific post on cancelling his cable, and the (non)impact on his life. We all have time to do the things we love…. we just have to prioritize those things!

No Meat Athlete’s resident triathlete Susan Lacke’s contribution this week on open water swimming was funny, and full of great advice… beware the lake zombie!

A contribution from a different blog this week, Pam is an ultra-runner who writes at The Turtle Path, is married to Mac from Get Fit Slowly, and …. won her first title in an ultra race!! This amazes me, a (far back!) mid-packer who never hopes to do more than improve against myself. The concept of winning a race is just beyond me – congratulations Pam!

Mmmmm…. bacon. 🙂 Like Ryan, we will have No More Bacon in our house either, but this week Ryan decided to challenge us a little more. In a festival of porky goodness, Ryan has challenged us all to identify trigger foods and eliminate them from our lives for two weeks. I need to lose a few pounds, so I’m giving up ALL junk food until my birthday on the 26th. I hope I can make it….

Finally, this post is not exactly fitness related (I found the link on a personal finance site!), but it parallels are the same. The author even uses both cycling and horse analogies. 😉 The Seven Stages of Failing at Self Improvement reminds us that it is the journey that is important, not the destination. The same can be said for triathlon training!

And that’s a wrap….

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