Weekly Link Love – Good Friday Version

I’ve had people tell me they love this feature, so I’m going to try to keep doing it every week.

This week, though, I’m starting with an article from Forbes, not a post from a fellow blogger. This link was posted by someone I follow on Twitter, and when I clicked through to the article, I was shocked and horrified. 156 pounds of added sugar per year per person (on average)? That’s horrible!! Do I think I eat an extra 400+ calories (27+ teaspoons) per day in “added” sugar? Probably not most days – I try very hard to eat a limited amount of processed foods. But you know what? My yogurt has added sugar. So does my ketchup, and most of the salad dressings I eat. If I were a big eater of breakfast cereal, soda, or baked goods, it wouldn’t be hard to get that 27+ teaspoons of added sugar daily. It’s a horrifying thought! Read the article – it may make you think really hard about how the food you consume affects your health.

This week, MCM Mama wrote a post about running like a mother – squeezing in a run around a sick child and needing to cook dinner, clean the house, and juggle all those things that moms (and dads!) have to do. She managed to get five miles done in half mile sprint intervals – whatever it takes. I know most of us understand, trying to find time to get things done in our busy lives!

OK, I feature Jon on here regularly – mainly because in my eyes, he’s a total triathlete rock star! He did his first Ironman last year, and is training for another one right now. He’s crazy dedicated, as evidenced by a FOUR HOUR bike ride in rain and 40F conditions! Are you kidding me? That’s trainer weather for me! It was character building…. I have enough character for me. 😉

This week, Callie at the WannaBe Athlete wrote a post called Why Do You Run?. It was in response to another post I’ll feature below. Callie doesn’t love running, but runs anyway, and lists a lot of reasons why she does. I relate to a lot of what she says simply because when I started running, I really, really didn’t like it either. Now, I love it and it is part of who I am. 🙂

Callie’s post was in response to Mama Pea of Peas and Thank You, who wrote a post about why you can’t make her run! Mama Pea doesn’t love running. She used to run, in fact she’s run a few half marathons… but she didn’t love it, and so has given it up in favour of exercise she does love. And you know what? I’m good with that! I love running. I do NOT love weights. I make myself do them every now and then because I need to but they will never take over my fitness routine. I also hate cauliflower and broccoli. After years of trying to like them, I’ve given them up too. And that’s OK! Find something you love, and just do it.

So that’t been my crazy, hectic week. I’m glad it’s over, I have four days off from work, which is much needed right now!

Goals update: I set very loose goals for yesterday, how did I do? Well, I watched Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy – love that show! I watched some TV with Bruce, and knit a bit. I did write two blog posts, but that was it. I read a ton of blog posts, and started a new book. And I rode my bike. Good day!

Weekend goals:

1. Easter dinner with family
2. Run workout
3. Bike workout
4. Anything else I feel like doing. 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!

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