Weekly Link Love – March 30, 2012

It’s Friday again, and I’m sharing some of the best stuff I’ve read this week. Hope you enjoy!

So a couple of weeks ago I featured a link to a post about the perception of masculinity if you do or don’t care for watching sports. This week, on a blog I read every now and then, Eric wrote a similar post about how he no longer really gets invested in what his professional sports team of choice does – as a runner, his own athletic accomplishments mean more now because he is involved. I loved this post – in running and triathlon, you can line up side by side with world champions. What other sports allow you to do that? And how amazing is that? I think it’s incredible… and my PVR is stacked with triathlons, but not one single baseball, football, basketball, or hockey game. 🙂

I’m featuring Jamie at Swim Bike Run Live again – do you train to race, or race to train? I thought it was a fun question – I definitely fall into the train to race category. 🙂 I pick a few races each year, and train 5+ days a week to get ready for them, because I enjoy it, and it keeps off the 100+ pounds I lost. Bruce likes to race – he registers for way more races than I do! To each their own…

This post is not from a fitness & healthy living or weight loss blog. Chris Guillebeau writes The Art of Non-Conformity, where he talks about travel, entrepreneurship, and living an exceptional life. This week, he wrote about changing your life – changing your routine, doing things we are afraid of, just making changes. Considering a lot of us are constantly trying to make changes, this post really hit home for me -go read it, you might be inspired!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point has been doing an experiment for the last 60 days called the Naked Face Project. She and another blogger gave up all their beauty routines for 60 days to see if they felt different about themselves, or were perceived differently by others. This week, Caitlin featured a guest post from a local news anchor – someone for whom beauty rituals are part of the job description! It was an interesting post. The whole project has really made me think about my own habits (makeup at the gym? Never! At work? Almost always). And speaking of Caitlin and her blog… coming soon I have an exciting announcement – I can’t wait to share it!

I haven’t posted a link to TriSaraTops blog in a long time, but this week she really hit home with me. We all blog for lots of reasons, but there are lots of us that use our blogs (or Daily Mile, or Facebook, or Twitter…) as our Highlight Reel. We rattle off workouts, we log miles, we count pounds, we talk about runs, and bikes, and food. But we (rarely) talk about the negative stuff – troubles at work, troubles at home, breaking down in tears at the thought of another run, or swim, or fight with our kids. From the outside, some people assume it is easy. Some people tells us we make it look easy. And sometimes, it actually IS easy. But mostly, it’s not. We just don’t talk about the hard parts.

I have added so many blogs to my Reader this week that I have almost 600 posts still to read; I’m sure next week I’ll have a LOT of new (to me) blogs to share with you!

Goals update: Yesterday was crazy. I swam, and I biked. I created one agenda, and did some high level project planning. I didn’t really work on blog posts – I actually read a book for pleasure instead. Go me!

Weekend goals:

1. Count inventory at work (all weekend – UGH!)
2. Finish April menu plan
3. Write 1 blog post (2 would be better)
4. 1 run workout (2 would be better)
5. Read for pleasure

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2 Responses to Weekly Link Love – March 30, 2012

  1. Maren says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but I really love these linky posts! I think I’m going to steal the idea actually. 😀

    • Kris says:

      Funny thing is, they can be a lot of work to choose good articles, and take more time to write than a regular post – but I enjoy doing them, and sometimes when I’m short of things to say, at least I can talk about what other people are talking about!

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