Weekly Link Roundup – August 17, 2012

We’re headed for Riding Mountain National Park today to race the annual RMNP triathlon tomorrow – I’m excited and we’re going to have fun. I love it up there, it’s beautiful, and we have two whole days with no kids. Score!

This week, Dorothy at Mile Posts wrote an awesome piece about Embracing Fear. In her case, she was nervous about running with a much faster runner (which I understand, because the thought of trying to keep up with Dorothy makes me cringe – in my world, she’s amazing fast!) But embracing fear can be about anything. This week, for me, it has been about making career changes that I hope will make me happier.

Always wear your helmet. Always. Period. This week, Swim Bike Mom tells us why. She’s also registered for Ironman Coeur d’Alene which makes me both happy for her and jealous too… I really, really want to do an Ironman! Which one to choose is the current issue….

Speaking of Ironman races, the NYC Ironman was held for the first time last weekend. Pro triathlete Dede Griesbauer did not have the race she hoped for, finding herself throwing up less than 20 miles into the bike, and unable to handle nutrition for most of the race. She refused to quit though, and I admire that. As a side note, she also raced at Racine this year – too cool!

Another pro triathlete who blogs a lot is Hillary Biscay, and she also had a rough race at NYC this year, leading her to cancel her plans to race at Mont Tremblant this weekend. She will be racing in a few weeks at Ironman WI though!

A short round up this week – I’m typing this as I cook a huge pan of veggies for dinner for a few days, and getting packed for our race weekend!

Goals: Room shown, and rented! Offer reviewed, and accepted! Blog posts? Yup, those are done too. And packing? Putting the finishing touches on it now.

Weekend goals:

1. Have fun racing
2. 3 blog posts
3. Read for pleasure

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  1. PlumPetals says:

    Good luck with your race!! Can’t wait to read how it went 🙂 Rootin’ for you!!

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