Weekly Link Roundup – July 27, 2012

What a week it has been. Sometimes life is crazy, and you just have to let it happen, you know?

I found this post at Happy Mother Runner very thought provoking. The secret to overcoming cravings is in how we phrase it? Interesting. If positive mantra help when running (or riding, or…), then will using “I don’t” work better than “I can’t”? I know that this week, I had a choice between a burger at McDonald’s and chilli at Tim Horton’s, and “I don’t want a burger” made the choice very easy!

This post is not from a member of the fitness blog community, but I thought what she had to say was too important to not share. Do you use photos on your blog? Where do you get them from? Be careful, copyright matters, or you could get sued. I have a few photos on this blog I need to go back and either take down or change, but the fact is, I’ve never been good at putting photos in my posts, so thankfully there aren’t many. Lots of my photos are my own anyway, so I’m safe, and I’ve been trying to get better at remembering to take pictures when I’m doing things so I can share them! Now I just have to become a better photographer…

Last week I included links to both Lindsay and Meghann’s blogs about the #surviveon35 challenge they were participating in. This week, Lindsay wrote a wrap up post here, while Meghann’s wrap up post is here. Is it possible to survive and eat healthy on $35 per week (per adult)? Yes, it is. Definitely difficult, but it could be done. I can say this – I’ve never been on food stamps (although there were times I would have qualified), and sometimes dinner has been a baked potato or a bowl of cereal. Eating on a truly limited budget is hard. As I read my way through some of the posts this week, I followed a link and wound up here, at Mama Dweeb’s blog. Her mom raised five kids with the help of food stamps, and her account of why she participated is very personal, and touching.

Goals update: Bike workout went really well, but the track workout got cancelled because we took on a pet sitting assignment and I needed to be home to accept the dog. She’s super sweet but very stressed with some separation anxiety. I read an entire book yesterday! (Trashy romance novel, but hey, it was all for me). I worked on 3 blog posts, even if I didn’t complete them. Bruce & I walked the dog, and I did some crochet. I didn’t get my priority chart done, but I’ll work on it today.

Weekend goals:

1. Run workout
2. 2nd run workout
3. 5 blog posts
4. Make Mac & Cheese
5. Make Pizza
6. Pack for camping
7. Priority list
8. Read for pleasure

Plus I work all weekend. I’ll be busy!

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