Weekly Link Roundup – September 15, 2012

Oh what a week it has been! I started my new job, and honestly, I’m really happy so far. It’s definitely different from anything I’ve done before, but it’s not rocket science, and it’s fun. That said, between work and working out, everything else has taken a back seat, including blogging. It will settle down… I think. 🙂

OK first off, I’m tooting my own horn here – after deciding I was doing an Ironman next year one way or another, we did it! We signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant next year. I’m so excited! 🙂

Dorothy from Mile Posts is so excited – she won the Runners World cover model contest! I voted for her, I love her blog and think her story is amazing. She’s so fast, and so often she runs with a stroller full of children. She inspires me regularly. Congratulations Dorothy!

I’m not the only one who signed up for an Ironman for 2013 – after volunteering at IMWI last weekend, Steena signed up for 2013! Good luck!

Speaking of IMWI, Hillary Biscay finished fifth last weekend, and wrote a terrific race recap. She’s racing Ironman Wales this weekend too – which just leaves me in awe!

Another IMWI finisher here – Bruce follows Chris on Daily Mile, and sent me the link to his race recap. He had a good race, and had some excellent tips. This was his first IM, and his perspective about what to do and what not to was helpful.

Over at Running Tall, Erin ran the QCM half marathon last weekend. We ran QCM last year and I loved the course – she set a new PR this year!

Another new blog I now follow, Jogging on Coffee… Lisa just ran the Reykjavik Half Marathon… yes, folks, that’s in Iceland! (Lisa is from Canada). Now that is a great way to combine sport and travel. 🙂

Katie set a PR of 30+ minutes in her Rev 3 at Cedar Point – I love her race recap, and the fact she was allowed to run across the finish line with her three dogs? Incredible!

I’m so far behind… I’m wrapping here, and trying to get a head start on all the other things I need to get done this weekend.

Goals update: Oh, why bother? LOL. I did P90X. I finally ran on Friday. As for working on 2 blog posts, well I did work on them, but they were no where near done by the time the day was over!

Weekend goals:

1. Long run
2. Write minimum 5 blog posts
3. Cook something – soup, I think
4. Menu plan for the week

And that’s probably all I can handle. Life is just nuts right now!

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  1. PlumPetals says:

    You sure have been busy! I haven’t settled into my post-summer schedule yet and feel like I’m behind in everything!

    At least you’re getting your workouts in 🙂

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