Weekly Links – Taper Jitters

So I tried to take some of my own advice and went looking around the web for some motivation this week! With only one week left until my first marathon, I’m getting nervous, and I worry that every little twinge and cough will become a full blown problem preventing me from completing my race… taper jitters!

I love when Chrissie Wellington puts a new post up on her blog – I find her so inspiring, yet very down to earth! I didn’t know she writes for a UK triathlon publications; this post was of her latest article on things that can go wrong during races and how to get past them.

Over at Get Fit Slowly, Mac wrote a post asking why we race – what motivates us to sign up, as mid-pack runners who will never win. I race because training for races helps me stay on a structured running program, plus I want to improve on my own personal bests.

The Moms on the Run/Another Mother Runner blog gets two entries this week: On Rotting and Running spoke so clearly to me, as yes, I will ignore housework to make sure I get my runs in; I will cook nutritious food, and run, and spend time with my family, and blog, and work! But if my house isn’t perfect, I’ll get over it. And that’s OK, because that’s my choice. 🙂

On the other hand, Finding My New Way finds Sarah trying to figure out what she is now that an injury means she can’t run. If she can’t run, she’s not a runner, right? And if she’s not a runner… who is she? It took me a long time to call myself a runner – now it’s part of who I am. When I was sidelined by surgery last year, and couldn’t run, I was still a runner – just a cranky, jealous one who wanted to run again!

Finally, over at Murtha’s blog, Andy is trying to juggle Ironman training, work, grad school…. I can relate! His plan? To schedule pretty much every minute of every day. I have to say, considering all the things I’m trying to accomplish this year, this is very tempting to me! I do better with structure…

It was a good week out there this week – I definitely found some much needed motivation. Now to make it through my taper, and have a great run next weekend!

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