Weekly Roundup – September 7, 2012

August is over, we’re a week into September, life is busy, and I started collecting links for this post two weeks ago! I’m driven to do an Ironman. I want to hear Mike Reilly say “Kristine, You are an Ironman”. I want to know I pushed my body to it’s limits, that I’ve done things I never, ever thought I could do. Why? Because I can. And that’s a good enough reason.

People die doing triathlons. I’m not trying to make light of it, it’s a risk we accept every time we get in the water, on the bike, or lace up our shoes. At the NYC Ironman this year, a police officer from Hong Kong named Andrew Naylor died during the swim portion of the race. This story about Andrew Messick, the CEO of the World Triathlon Corporation (owner of the Ironman brand) racing IMMT was touching and inspiring.

Speaking of Ironman Mont Tremblant, this article appeared in the Ottawa Citizen about the volunteers needed to execute an Ironman race. 3,000 volunteers for 2,600 athletes? That’s a lot of volunteers. The experience appears to have been very rewarding.

In more IMMT news, here are race recaps from several people who just completed it…. I want to do this race!! Kevin posted separate recaps for his swim, bike and run. With a finish time of 10:49:27, he had an amazing race and his recaps are detailed a full of scenic pictures. Jon also posted separate swim, bike and run race recaps – hey, when a race is 140.6 miles long, it gets multiple recaps. 🙂 Jon struggled on the bike but recovered on the run, and finished with a new PR of just over an hour! His final time was 11:05:36.

Carina has been planning to run the Bejing Marathon all year. She’s been training for months, and not long ago, she and her husband booked their (expensive!) plane tickets. This week, the announcement was made that the marathon is being postponed, and she’s understandably upset. I’d be pretty upset too!

Goals update: 3 blog posts? Not exactly. I’m struggling to get everything done right now. Dinner? Yes. Shopping? Oh yes… almost five hours worth over 2 days. And I hate shopping! Workout? Yep, a bike ride on Wednesday, and a swim plus P90X Day 1 on Thursday.

Weekend Goals:

1. 6 blog posts (minimum!)
2. Read 1 more book
3. 2 run workouts
4. P90X workouts (3 of them)
5. Clean out Duncan’s closet
6. Clean off 2 bookcases
7. Get Air Hockey table disassembled
8. Build new dresser

So many more things need to be done, but I only have 3 days, and it is my son’s 16th birthday today, so we’ll be busy with that!

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4 Responses to Weekly Roundup – September 7, 2012

  1. Carina says:

    Wow, 16th bday, that’s exciting! And you’ll be happy to know that so far there have been fewer tears today over the lost marathon, only when I was on the phone with my bro talking about it.

  2. PlumPetals says:

    You are my total triathlon inspiration — perhaps next year we’ll add Ironman inspiration too? You can totally do it 🙂

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