Weekly Update – February 25, 2012

SCALE WARFARE!! OK, I stole that from the title of another blog (A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare, lol!) so I’ll give credit to her. 🙂

I’m hung up on my numbers, and it’s not healthy. I’d lost more than 3 pounds in three weeks, and I was so happy… then for whatever reason I got on the scale Friday and it was almost all back. 😛 There is no way I gained it all back, I didn’t go that off track, so it makes no sense. Plus all my pants still fit, I’m eating right and working out… so I’m going to take a page out of Ann’s book (she’s trying to stay off her scale for 1 month). From now until April 1, I’m not getting on my scale. I’m done. I’ll continue to track my food at My Fitness Pal, and hit my workouts for Half Ironman training. I’ll eat healthy, and let nature take it’s course. So long as my pants still fit, I’ll assume I’m doing alright.

As a side note, we registered for Ironman 70.3 Racine this weekend – it’s official and all paid for! No backing out now. 🙂

Weight stats as of February 18, 2012:

Weight: 141.8 lbs
Body Fat %: 27.8%
Body Water %: 52.7%
BMI: 24.2

Change from last weigh in:
Weight: (1.8 lbs down)
Body Fat: (0.8% down)
Body Water: +0.6% up
BMI: (0.3 down)

Change from December 31, 2011:
Weight: 144.7 lbs – (2.9 lbs down)
Body Fat %: 28.7% – (0.9% down)
Body Water: 52.7% – +0.6% up
BMI: 24.7 – (0.5 down)


2012/02/20 – 2.0 km (80 laps, 25m pool) in 53:58 (new best time)
2012/02/21 – 2.0 km (100 laps) in 1:04:58 (Swimming lessons first, then a fast 50 laps to finish up)


2012/02/19 – 5.6 miles in 60:00 (outside)
2012/02/20 – 1.52 miles in 15:00 (treadmill brick)
2012/02/21 – 3.0 miles in 30:00 (treadmill)


2012/02/20 – 12.0 miles in 29:55 (indoor trainer)
2012/02/22 – 16.05 miles in 43:00 (indoor trainer)
2012/02/23 – 30.0 miles in 1:24:24 (indoor trainer)

Hot Yoga

No yoga this week.

Weight Training

No weights this week.

I skipped one run workout this week. I was feeling really run down on Thursday and decided to ride instead of run, then was just tired on Friday & Saturday, so I skipped one short run. I hope to run longer today to make up for the missing short run.

Goals update: It was an OK split so far. I wrote 1 blog post, I will get more done today. I’m running today. I held my meetings, and did complete 1 full evaluation, and started a couple of others. I commented on some blogs. I’m still working on the book. So not bad, really.

Today’s goals:

1. 80 minute run
2. 2 blog posts
3. Concert with Bruce

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2 Responses to Weekly Update – February 25, 2012

  1. PlumPetals says:

    I can understand your frustration!!

    This week I didn’t see a loss on the scale although I know that I have been consistent with my food and my exercise. There must be other factors at play because according to the ‘math’, I should have dropped at least one pound. Oh well. Gotta keep trying of course!

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my thoughts about doing the 10K — and then upon completion. You were a huge inspiration for me to just go for it!!

    Ironman 70.3 Racine!! Super-excited for you!!! 🙂

    • Kris says:

      You’re so welcome – I’m glad you did it, I find running so empowering! As for the scale thing… it’s been making me crazy, so I figured some time off would be good for my head. 🙂

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