Weekly Update – February 25, 2013

So it feels like I could just reprint the same post as last week…. my weight is up…. blah blah blah. I don’t have an official weigh in as I didn’t do one, but my scale numbers are still definitely in the 145 range. Workouts? Sigh… some good, some bad. Why? Life. Sometimes, it’s just a pile of little things that throw off your plans, you know? So I keep on plugging away. 🙂

Weight stats as of February 17, 2013:

Weight: 145.4 lbs
Body Fat %: 28.9%
Body Water %: 52.4%
BMI: 24.8

Change from last weigh in:
Weight: +3.0 pounds up
Body Fat: +0.7% up
Body Water: (0.5% down)
BMI: +0.5 up

Change from December 17, 2012:
Weight: 145.0 lbs – +0.4 pounds up
Body Fat %: 29.0% – (0.1% down)
Body Water: 52.0% – (0.1% down)
BMI: 24.9 – (0.1 down)


2013/02/19 – 1000m in 30:29 (Downtown Y)
2013/02/20 – 2000m in 57:59 (Downtown Y)


2013/02/18 – 1.5 miles in 14:43 (treadmill brick)
2013/02/23 – 12.0 miles in 2:04:29 (treadmill)


2013/02/18 – 35.0 miles in 1:21:09 (trainer)
2013/02/24 – 35.0 miles in 1:21:23 (trainer)

Hot Yoga

No hot yoga this week.

Good news – I’ve had two really good long runs in a row – so that makes it easier to face the treadmill! My swims haven’t been quite as fast as I want, but I did get two in this week. As for yoga…. well, maybe aiming for 3x a month was ambitious. I just have so little motivation to go. I did get for a massage this week though, and got my hair done too. Little things, right?

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  1. PlumPetals says:

    Instead of going to a yoga class have you thought about doing a yoga routine at home? That way you can still get some deep stretching in but you don’t have to worry about going somewhere and fitting it into your schedule.

    Hope you have a good week!

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