Weekly Update – February 26, 2011

This was week one of our experiment with eating more calories while training. Um… well, the scale is definitely higher, but… the good news is, I go to the end of the week, and except for blowing off one swim (it was -38C!! I didn’t want to leave the house), I got ALL my workouts done, and did awesome on some of them!

I’m noticing I’m feeling a little bloated, probably because I’m also consuming a lot more salt. I’m actually craving salty stuff, and I find myself salting my food more than I usually do. I think this is causing me to retain fluid, which adds to the weight gain.

Weight stats as of February 26, 2011:

Weight: 144.4 lbs
Body Fat %: 28.5%
Body Water %: 52.2%
BMI: 24.7

I got one good swim workout in this week, and would have done two except for the above mentioned -38C temperatures!


2011/02/24 -2.0 KM in 61:53


2011/02/20 – 13.10 miles in 1:58:58 – NEW PR!!!
2011/02/21 – 3.00 miles in 27:35
2011/02/22 – 6.01 miles in 56:00
2011/02/23 – 5.01 miles in 44:43
2011/02/24 – 2.50 miles in 24:08
2011/02/25 – 10.21 miles in 93:53
2011/02/26 – 6.01 miles in 56:16


2011/02/21 – 15.0 miles in 55:32
2011/02/23 – 11.58 miles in 45:00
2011/02/24 – 16.0 miles in 60:00

So I had a little more time off this week, and I’ve been eating more. I’m not sleeping well, but other than that, I seem to be doing all the right things. Training went well, my legs felt good, and I even got almost 70 minutes of yoga/stretching/strength training in! (My house, on the other hand, still needs work. Maybe next week…)

Just due to scheduling complications, I have two rest days scheduled next week. We’ll see how I do after that. I’m satisfied with this week though!

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