Weekly Update – January 29, 2011

My week off has ended, and I’m back to my “regular” schedule, trying to juggle workouts around 10 hour shifts. I got some of the things done I wanted to, but not nearly as many as I wanted. Nothing new there!

I’m still fluctuating up and down 2-3 pounds. My calorie intake has crept up a little bit, I’m averaging between 2000 and 2200 per day most days now. Not enough that I should be gaining, especially considering the extra hours and miles I’m logging. According to one of the nutrition books I’m reading, I should be eating a minimum of 2200 per day just to maintain my weight; I think years of yo-yo dieting means I need a little less than that. Plus, even though I’m trying to track super close, I wonder if a few extra calories are sneaking in daily.

Weight stats as of January 29, 2011:

Weight: 141.9 lbs
Body Fat %: 27.9%
Body Water %: 6.2%
BMI: 24.1

Training went OK this week; appointments that ran late on Monday meant I had to skip my bike ride, but I made it up later in the week. I did skip one tempo run simply due to being tired. My swimming went pretty well too, I shaved over 4 minutes off last week’s time!


2011/01/24 – 45 minute lesson, working on form
2011/01/21 – 2.0 KM in 61:50


2011/01/23 – 10.01 miles in 1:41:30
2011/01/25 – 5.00 miles in 49:53
2011/01/26 – 2.00 miles in 19:26
2011/01/28 – 11.00 miles in 1:56:30


2011/01/25 – 70 minutes on the trainer (speed unknown)
2011/01/26 – 30 minutes on the trainer (speed unknown)

On the 25th, I did my bike workout after my run, simply because I wanted to get a decent run in for the 5.0 miles. I was really happy with the 2.0 mile run on the 26th, as it as after the bike workout, so my time was quite good. Overall, my runs were a little slower this week. I’ve been feeling tired, not sure if it is not enough sleep, trying to do too much too fast, or a nutrition thing. I’ll have to play with all of those things to see where I can make some gains.

Starting next week, my bike rides will have distance and speed. Our computer gizmos arrived, and Bruce set them up. He’s used his twice. Once I figure it all out, I’ll post a review of how they work and how I feel about them!

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