Weekly Update – March 26, 2011

This week was fairly productive. I got several good workouts in, which is great, and the scale numbers are exactly the same as last week. On a personal front, the process of working through a couple of blog posts here helped me make some decisions related to my career that make me happy too. I’m still a little short on the sleep front, but I’m trying to get to bed earlier and sleep more.

Weight stats as of March 26, 2011:

Weight: 139.5 lbs
Body Fat %: 27.5%
Body Water %: 52.9%
BMI: 23.8


2011/03/21 – 1.0 km (50 laps) in 27:45
2011/03/25 – 2.0 km (100 laps) in 1:01:06


2011/03/20 – 14.0 miles in 2:05:00
2011/03/22 – 8.0 miles in 1:14:06
2011/03/23 – 5.0 miles in 45:13
2011/03/26 – 6.4 miles in 59:57


2011/03/21 – 10.5 miles in 41:20
2011/03/22 – 14.0 miles in 52:15
2011/03/24 – 13.0 miles in 42:05
2011/03/25 – 17.0 miles in 40:53

Hot Yoga

2011/03/23 – 75 minutes
2011/03/26 – 90 minutes

I had another great long run on Sunday – finished 13.1 in 1:56:27! That’s my best ever, by more than 2 minutes. I did find, though, that by running that fast for my long run, my legs were heavy the rest of the week, and I had a harder time doing any speed work during the week.

I did get to the pool twice, which is progress, and had four good bike rides. I was very satisfied with that. I may be trying to do too much too fast, but I’m still feeling pretty good, with no significant twinges indicating the risk of an injury.

With 5 weeks until our first race, I feel good so far, and think I will be able to meet my goal of breaking 2 hours in the half marathon on May 1. I’m just waiting now for the weather to warm up and the snow to melt so we can start training outside!

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