Weekly Update – May 28, 2011

This was my last week of hard training before my taper… and now I’m sick. 🙁 I seem to have picked up a bug, possibly strep. Saw the doctor and got a prescription to hold me over until the test results confirm… but it’s almost for sure. A case of strep is forcing me to adjust my desired time for the Air Force Half today, I was aiming for ~2:03, now I’ll be happy with any time under 2:10.

The two week challenge ended successfully on Thursday, and what did I learn? I don’t miss the junk if I’m not eating it, but if you give me Belgian chocolates for my birthday, I’ll eat too many….

Weight stats as of May 28, 2011:

Weight: 137.8 lbs
Body Fat %: 26.9%
Body Water %: 53.4%
BMI: 23.5
Change from last week:
Weight: (2.0 lbs) down
Body Fat: (0.1%) down
Body Water: +0.1%
BMI: (0.4) down

Change from January 1, 2011:
Weight: 146.6 lbs – (8.8 lbs down)
Body Fat %: 28.7% – (1.8% down)
Body Water: 6.2% – I was using the wrong measurement here. 🙁
BMI: 25.0 – (1.5 down)


2011/05/25 – 2.0 km (100 laps) in 54:59


2011/05/23 – 6.0 miles in 55:10 (treadmill, 1 mile repeats)
2011/05/26 – 22.22 miles in 3:47:02 (outside, perfect weather)


2011/05/24 – 12.5 miles in 45:00 (indoors, single leg drills)

Hot Yoga

2011/05/27 – 75 minutes Hot Yoga

I was happy with my long run on the 26th – my legs were cramping at the end, but I finished it, and my average time wasn’t too bad. My swim was awesome – some work issues were resolved early in the week, and I spent most of my swim in the zone, working on ideas in my head.

This morning is the Air Force Half, my (now) first race of the season – look for a race report soon!

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