Weekly Update, October 22, and GFFE Week 8

Rebecca from Weight Wars is hosting yet another lovely challenge; this one has a fabulous prize attached to it too (a Fit Bit Wireless Activity Monitor). This is an 8 week challenge whereby we set ourselves five SMART goals and take part in Weekly Challenges. We then check in weekly and link up with our results.

I’m combining my weekly updates with my weekly Get Fit Feel Epic posts because a) they both are meant to appear on Mondays, and b) they cover a lot of the same ground, so there’s no point repeating myself.

What the heck is happening with my life? I feel like I’m constantly running behind! Sigh… it was an interesting week. I was diagnosed with a shoulder injury, throwing off my swim training. 🙁 I went for a bike fitting and ordered my new tri bike… should arrive around Christmas. So excited!! 🙂

Did I mention last week the scale sucks? It still does. And I’m not dealing with it yet – I’m playing ostrich right now. And I have 3 restaurant meals this week too, which will not help. Oh well.

Weight stats as of September 1, 2012:

Weight: 139.8 lbs
Body Fat %: 27.3%
Body Water %: 53.1%
BMI: 23.9

Change from last weigh in:
Weight: (0.1 lbs down)
Body Fat: (0.4% down)
Body Water: +0.3% up
BMI: no change

Change from December 31, 2011:
Weight: 144.7 lbs – (4.9 lbs down)
Body Fat %: 28.0% – (0.7% down)
Body Water: 52.5% – +0.6% up
BMI: 24.7 – (0.8 down)


2012/10/15 – 2000m in 58:26 (YMCA)
2012/10/17 – 150m in 4:23 (YMCA)


2012/10/16 – 4.0 miles in 38:21 (tempo run)
2012/10/20 – 13.26 miles in 2:06:20 (WFPS run)


2012/10/16 – 10.0 miles in 38:05 (trainer)

Hot Yoga

No yoga this week

Weight Training

I’ve started P90X which seems to combine weight training with stretching, so I’ll record those sessions here.

2012/10/15 – P90X Workout #3, Week 3 – Arms & Shoulders
2012/10/20 – P90X Workout #4, Week 3 – Yoga

This week was race week, and while I had planned to really knock out some good training, my shoulder kind of messed that up. The race went well, and I really AM writing a recap of that one – I’m working on it now! We’ll see how it goes…

Now to update Get Fit Feel Epic! How did I do for Week 7? I was doing so well, then my injury messed up my routines, but in the end, I’m holding on.

1. Average 2 swim workouts per week? Sigh… does 6 laps count? If it does, then yes, but otherwise, I’m done in the water for a few weeks. Stupid shoulder.
2. Average 3 run workouts per week? Missed another one this week – so now I’m down two. 🙁
3. Swim at least 30 km total? I was so on track here, but again, stupid shoulder killed it. Sometimes, injuries happen.
4. Set a new PR? Didn’t quite make it. I guess 2:06 is the best I had in me this year, considering my WFPS time was 10 seconds slower than my Grand Forks time!
5. Average 7 workouts per week? Only 6 again this week, but I had more than enough prior to this to cover it all.

The Week 7 challenge was to take photographs of our life… there were 10 specific things, I got most of them. 🙂

1) Me, after a workout: Hmmm… I had a picture of me after the race on Saturday, but it’s on Bruce’s phone, and he’s running, so, this is me later that day ready to go out for an event!

2) A piece of fitness equipment: Our exercise area, with our treadmill and Bruce’s bike (my new one got ordered yesterday!!)

3) Where we sleep:

4) My favourite movie… don’t have an image for this. What is my favourite movie? Oh, tough one! I love a weird collection, but some of my all time Top 10? Grease, Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, Die Hard & Die Hard 2, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid. Told you it was a weird list!

5) My source of inspiration? Right now, when I need motivation, these DVDs do the trick every time:

6 & 10) Something that makes you happy and something new that I love (reading makes me happy, discovering new authors/genres have me addicted to vampire books right now!)

7) Nature… I love my backyard. Where else can I find deer and geese on any given day in the middle of the city?

8. Something I’ve created – well, I’m in the middle of it, but I’m working on a baby blanket right now, and these are the pieces.

9) Something I really should stop… junk and sugar in general, but ice cream in particular.

There! I did it – I actually got almost all the photos on the list! 🙂 I’m rather proud of myself for that one. For Week 8, we are to visit the blogs of all the other challengers… I’m really, really going to try. I miss reading people’s blogs! I’ve given up a lot to take on my new job, I just hope it’s worth it in the end.

Coming soon, combined race recaps from Grand Forks and the WFPS Half Marathons! Oh, and maybe an update on our training program for Mont Tremblant? Maybe, maybe…

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3 Responses to Weekly Update, October 22, and GFFE Week 8

  1. PlumPetals says:

    Hope your shoulder heals soon!!
    Love the colors on that baby blanket – it caught my eye immediately when I saw the pic of your bed.
    Good luck with this final week 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love your pictures, and seriously, scales DO suck!

  3. S.N.S. says:

    You must be so excited about your new bike:) Do you use a turbo trainer in your workout area?

    Really hope that your shoulder heals soon!

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