Weekly Wrap Up, and A Few Links

It’s been a while since I shared some links from other blogs around here. It’s not that I’m not reading, or that nothing has been interesting – if anything I’m reading too much! Plus, this week has been hectic (in a good way, but still…)

Work yesterday was crazy – it was supposed to be a normal day, followed by a quick trip to one of our other locations to scout an event. It ended being a 10+ hour day where I hardly left my desk, and I was trying to solve staffing issues all day! So not a lot got done.

The week has been going well, I’ve done all my workouts so far, even my early morning swim (ugh!). My eating has mostly been on track, and hopefully tomorrow’s weigh in will show that my work is paying off. All in all, good so far!

I wanted to share a couple of links – both are about the Kona Ironman World Championships this year. I found both moving, motivating, and hard to read (Do I really want to put myself through this??).

Chrissie Wellington… well what else is there to say except she’s the best in the world?

This post is from an age grouper who had a great race – hope you enjoy Ange’s story!

As for my daily goals, they have been helping me stay on track. Wednesday I hit all my goals – I ran 14, got some afghan done, and cleaned part of my closet. Yesterday I didn’t have goals written down, but I got my swim in.

Goals for today and Saturday:

1) Bike workout (Friday)
2) Crochet some afghan
3) Read part of 1 industry magazine for work

1) Bike workout
2) Core or weights workout
3) 1 blog post

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