What’s Next? Staying Motivated & Getting Organized

I’ve made it clear all year, my goal race for this season was the Ironman 70.3 race in Racine. That was almost 2 weeks ago, summer is half over, and I’m finding it hard to find my motivation to keep working out (except when I don’t work out, I don’t get to eat much and I get cranky. 😛 )

I did sign up for a fall half marathon, and in fact, we even signed up for a half marathon clinic in an attempt to stay focused and get faster. It’s early days yet, I’ll post more about the clinic as it progresses, but right now I can say that I’m not in love with the training schedule that came with the clinic, as it has no speed work (how do you get faster if you don’t do speed work?)

But what about triathlon? I’ve ridden my bike once since Racine. 8 miles. Basically, I’m being lazy! So two days ago, I signed us up for the Riding Mountain Olympic triathlon. It’s on August 18, and we’re trained enough to do it and enjoy it. I’ve never done an Olympic before, so it’s an automatic PR for me. 🙂 We had planned to do it anyway, but I kept putting it off. This week I pulled the trigger. Now it’s just motivating my butt up off the couch!

One of the challenges I’m trying to manage is the fact that training just takes so much time – and sometimes I’d like to be doing other things. I looked back to my list of books I’ve read in 2012 – I haven’t finished a book since June 16. What? That’s more than a month ago! But it’s true – I’m in the middle of about 3 books, but none are close to done, and really, none of them are “fun” books. They are career related, or are my nutrition manuals. Huh.

So I’m trying to find ways to stay on track, while still making time for things like blogging, reading, baking cookies with my kids, pet sitting… oh, and maybe working a little too. I’m a visual person, I do well with visual goals and triggers. As well, I’ve read of people who set alarms for tasks – they give themselves 30 minutes or 1 hour to work, etc.; then they take a break. I like the idea of breaking my days off up into 30 or 60 minute blocks. Maybe I’d get more done! I know Rebecca has Post It notes with key goals and monthly dates; I’m thinking something similar would allow me to prioritize all the things I want to do. We did a similar exercise with our budget earlier this year and it sure helped crystallize where we needed to make changes.

Goals update: Duncan and I made muffins, and I cooked a family dinner. I worked on several blog posts, which was nice. I got my run workout done, even if I didn’t want to. I didn’t send my emails, will have to do that today.

Today’s goals:

1. Track workout
2. Bike workout
3. Priority chart?
4. Write 3 blog posts
5. Read something for pleasure

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2 Responses to What’s Next? Staying Motivated & Getting Organized

  1. Carina says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that a half marathon program doesn’t have much speed, esp right at the start. I’ve always found speed improvements are best made when your distance is very low — speed and endurance at the same time usually means injury. Maybe after the half you can look for a local track coach or something, running repeats, really focusing on speed. Then when you go back to train for your next Half IM, you’ll reap the rewards of that training.

    • Kris says:

      I guess that’s true, but my issue is I’m already running the distance on a semi-regular basis, so now I need speed. So we’re working in some track workouts instead of tempo runs, and it seems to be helping.

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